Summer in New York City means many things, and one highlight is the farmers’ markets, where city dwellers come together to celebrate their agrarian side and shop for delicious local fruits, vegetables, and other staples. New Yorkers in the know are already frequenting the farmers’ markets in spring when the first round of summer produce hits the stands, alongside a unique collection of late-winter favorites, that prove the spring markets are more than just a prelude to summer.

Whether you’re craving hearty artichokes or rich asparagus, spring is the perfect time to get back in the habit of buying local produce and trying new recipes. Some vegetables, like peas, must be planted prior to the frosts subsiding and harvested before the summer heat, making them a special spring treat, while others, like cherries, are best when you get them fresh in April and May. Spring is also the best time to harvest root vegetables like parsnips and beets, which go into everything from hearty soups like borscht to roasted medleys.

Spring markets also provide the simple pleasures of walking down the sun-dappled aisles of vendors, taking in the vibrant colors and smells, and connecting yourself to the natural world as it wakes from its annual slumber. Nothing beats sipping the first cold brew of the season or munching on some sweet kettle corn while choosing the perfect juicy berries or head of spring lettuce.

Residents of The Chatsworth have many reasons to enjoy the coming of spring produce, thanks to three of the city’s finest greenmarkets, which are all located on the Upper West Side. With varied schedules, these markets together provide a regular opportunity to get a breath of fresh air, fill your refrigerator with good food, and support local farmers.

79th Street Greenmarket | Columbus Avenue between 77th Street & 81st Street

This Sunday market has a relaxed atmosphere perfect for rejuvenating. Year-round offerings include everything from fresh-baked goods to ostrich and emu eggs, while vendors like Kernan Farms focus on seasonal options, such as hothouse tomatoes and sugar snap peas.

Tucker Square Greenmarket | West 66th Street & Broadway

Open Thursdays and Saturdays, the Tucker Square Greenmarket is a great place to grab a midweek lunch or spend a Saturday perusing the varied selections from farmers, some of whom have been attending this market since its founding in 1976. Spring brings farmers from Orange and Ulster Counties with seasonal vegetables as well as flowers, eggs, and poultry.

97th Street Greenmarket | 97th Street between Columbus & Amsterdam

Although the 97th Street Greenmarket is not as close to The Chatsworth as the other two farmers’ markets on this list, it’s an Upper West Side favorite that has been bringing bakers, farmers, and fishermen to the stretch of 97th between Amsterdam and Columbus for 25 years. Open Fridays from 8 am to 2 pm, a trip to this exuberant market may become your regular excuse for a leisurely stroll (or quick taxi ride) at the end of the workweek.

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