As if living in the elegantly redesigned prewar landmark The Chatsworth wasn’t enough, these Upper West Side apartments reside around the corner from one of NYC’s best-loved theaters. The Beacon, has witnessed countless major acts through the years: from the Allman Brothers and George Carlin to Mariah Carey and David Bowie. Make full use of this Neo-Grecian palace of entertainment by scoring tickets to some of the summer’s most exciting shows.

Pimpinela: Tour Hermanos, August 24th

A taste of classic Argentina comes to the Beacon this August, courtesy of the dueling duo Pimpinela. Though you may snicker at some of their earlier wardrobe choices, it’s hard to put down a musical act that has registered 25 million international record sales since 1981. Expect fiery pop duets from Lucía Galán Cuervo and Joaquín Roberto Galán Cuervo, who made a name for themselves performing songs of bitterness and argument, rather than of idealized love. Still, Pimpinela is a guaranteed hit for a romantic night out.

Alice Cooper, September 6th

At 70 years young, Alice Cooper still channels the meaning of rock ‘n’ roll at every single one of his live stage shows. That infamous story of him biting off a chicken’s head may have been vastly exaggerated, but the “Godfather of Shock Rock” invariably packs a punch—with guitar amplifiers cranked up to 11. Sitting in the luxury surrounds of the Beacon while standards like “School’s Out” and “Hey Stoopid” ring out, will be a different but wonderful experience.

Jethro Tull, September 11th

Blues. Prog. Folk. The sounds of Jethro Tull have been many and diverse over the years. Then again, these UK legends have had over half a century to experiment. This show looks back on a career laced with inventive classics, including “Witch’s Promise,” “Farm on the Freeway,” and “Nothing Is Easy.” Oh, and ready yourself for some serious flute solos from the indomitable Ian Anderson.

Neko Case, September 20th

Time and time again, singer-songwriter Neko Case wins plaudits for her hauntingly brilliant indie folk rock. In her time on the circuit, she’s performed as part of Canadian band The New Pornographers, but it’s in her capacity as a solo musician that Case has really shown what she can do. Her latest album, Hell-On, has tallied five stars from prominent publications and is sure to sound even more special in the Beacon’s setting.

Grab your tickets for the Beacon and plant your roots at The Chatsworth. Your luxury Upper West Side home is waiting for you!