Despite New York City’s vast urban landscape, there are plenty of places for you and your dogs to explore and unwind. For those living with their furry friends at The Chatsworth, you have the luxury of ample green space, river views, dog runs, and pet-friendly restaurants on the Upper West Side.


Mere minutes from The Chatsworth is Riverside Park, a sprawling, scenic waterfront park that runs for four miles in a strip between the Hudson and Riverside Drive. It’s great for outdoor activities any time of the year, but it comes into its own during the summer and fall months, when you can stroll in the dappled sunlight beneath the trees, take in the outdoor artwork and memorials, and admire the vistas across the glistening water.


You and your pet will particularly appreciate the dog runs dotted throughout the park. At Dog Run 72, a near three-minute amble from your apartment, pets can be let off the leash. While your four-legged pal gets to know their neighbors better, you can relax and chat with fellow dog lovers (who knows, maybe you’ll find someone who also lives at The Chatsworth). Nearby, you’ll find Riverside Park South Dog Run, and further northeast along Riverside Park is 87th Street Dog Run, another leafy enclave where canines can let off steam, and owners can meet like-minded dog walkers.


On more adventurous days, you might want to explore the picturesque Theodore Roosevelt Park, also on the Upper West Side; its dog run, the Bull Moose Dog Run, is one of the largest in all of New York City’s parks. Afterward, take leisure at the park’s Boat Basin Cafe—boasting a beautiful outdoor terrace, and with classic sandwiches, healthy salads, and fresh seafood for sale—which is dog-friendly too.


Amid all this magic near your home at The Chatsworth, you’re bound to find an idyllic spot for you and your pup.