Those looking for apartments for sale on the Upper West Side do so not only for the sake of the buildings and residences themselves, but also because the area is so culturally fertile. While the Natural History Museum and Children’s Museum are, of course, justifiably beloved by families, the New York Historical Society offers programs and exhibits for lovers of history. Meanwhile the performing arts are richly served by the Beacon Theater and the Lincoln Center.

Art aficionados considering NYC Upper West Side apartments are often drawn to the easy access such residences afford to the splendid American Folk Art Museum. The museum houses some of the most iconographic pieces of a quintessentially American form of art. Indeed, it could be thought of as embodying the neighborhood’s diverse and creative reputation. Exhibits and programs highlight the democratic nature of self-taught artists and artisans across a variety of mediums and over four centuries of American history. This is the place to come appreciate the American quilt-making tradition, for example, or the quiet landscapes of John Rasmussen and other Pennsylvania Almshouse Painters.

The museum’s current exhibition, “A Shared Legacy: Folk Art in America,” features more than 60 paintings and sculptures from 19th- and early 20th-century rural New England, the Midwest, and the American South. In addition to the expected portraits, landscapes, and still lifes, an array of commercial signwork and kinetic sculptures are also on display.

The dynamic nature of folk art is the framing conceit for the museum’s next major exhibit, “When the Curtain Never Comes Down,” which begins at the end of March and runs through July 5. The exhibit will feature installations, recordings, music, writing, and constructions that were changed or expanded over a lifetime by their creators, plus other works as well as strategies that self-taught artists have used to transform their own realities or—understandings of reality. Some of the featured artists created even while confined in institutions.

With compelling exhibitions and events hosted throughout the year, it’s no wonder that the Museum of American Folk Art is such a draw to those on the Upper West Side and beyond.

Photo Courtesy of: © underworld111